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ISOST and its members provide leadership and expertise in using information technology and innovative approaches for internal and external scholarly communication, knowledge dissemination, professional networking, and expertise mining for the orthopaedic and trauma community and beyond.

We assist with delivering innovative educational programs, research conferences, and knowledge exchange platforms to promote the sharing of expertise and new knowledge between experts and professionals, the general public, and industry.

Our core services include:

  • publishing and developing journals, databases, open paper/data repositories, and other knowledge dissemination products
  • the development of conferences and conference/workshop support services (abstract submission, registration)
  • development and adaptation of websites or ipad/tablet applications, or other innovative knowledge translation products for educational and scholarly publications and knowledge exchange
  • development, adaptation, and evaluation of e-services and products for communication with and engagement of the public, including consumer health and public health informatics products
  • development of podcasts, audio/video conference proceedings, publication of conference/workshop/working papers with proper bibliographic indexing (PubMed etc)
  • development and experimentation with novel methods of peer-review
  • digital preservation and research output metrics development
    professional / research networking and expertise mining

For ISOST organisational member events or conferences, our abstract submission, peer-review, and conference registration system for conferences and workshops can be integrated with the main ISOST website and using this system (rather than contracting this out to external service providers) will enable not only social networking of participants before, during, and after the event, but will help build the “Orthopaedic Knowledge Alliance Network” and a community interested in improving orthopaedic care, education and research through technology.


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